Canada Study Tour in April 2020!

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Canada Study Tour & Leadership Exchange Program
22nd October – 8th November(3rd edition)

From 22nd October – 8thd November 2020 the Polish Academy of Canada in association with Huron Heights Secondary School and YLCC (Ontario, Canada) is organizing the 3rd edition of Canada Study Tour & Leadership Exchange Program.

The study tour will begin at the Embassy of Canada in Warsaw where the Polish PAC supervisor Alina Deja-Grygierczyk will meet with the students and their parents.

At the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw the students will have the opportunity to exchange the views with Jeanette Sautner, who is the political counsellor at embassy, as well as to meet with the participants of CST 2018, and listen to their presentations.

From 1st November – 3rd November 2020 the students will take part in the Ontario Student Leadership Conference in Niagara Falls. With the study tour, they will also explore the history, institutions, leadership programs, Canadian cultures and current issues of Canada through study visits to the major Canadian universities (University of Toronto, Western University, Huron College, Waterloo university) institutions of Canada, and the dialogue they built with First Nations of Canada - Dan Smoke and Mary Lou, members of the Seneca Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy. They will also take part in the leadership program and team building activities in Orillia – YLCC Leadership Camp. From 26th October – 4th Novemberthey will be hosted by Huron Heights Secondary School and their host families in Kitchener.

Canada Study Tour 3rd Edition in April 2020 was rescheduled and postponed due to COVID-19 concerns and difficulties with flying around the globe and at the recommendation of the World Health Organization and the Middlesex-London Health Centre Unit.

Note: * Polish Academy of Canada in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Warsaw, YLCC, and Huron Heights Secondary School reserve the right to change or replace any of the dates, above presenters, activities and dates of activities and university meetings in Canada, also due to further COVID-19 concerns and any difficulties with flying or attending the activities in 2020.

The conference happens on 1st November 2020, however, the dates of travelling to Canada may also vary. The final updated program will be published in June or early September.

You may find the information about Huron Heights Secondary School below:

You may find a guide to speakers and study tour supervisors here: (PDF-file opens in a new tab)

You may find study tour program spring 2020 here: (PDF-file opens in a new tab)

You may find a guide to events of the study tour here: (PDF-file opens in a new tab)

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