Ian Tyson - PAC Leadership Advisor and Co-organizer of Canada Study Tour

Since his very first presentation in 1989, Ian Tyson has strived to entertain and inspire people across North America and around the world with his unique brand of “Comedy with a Message”. Ian’s passion is always on full display during his presentations, with high energy, humour and heart-warming relatable stories of overcoming obstacles and making a difference in the lives of others. 

An author, award-winning stand-up comic, master story-teller and insightful entertainer, Ian has performed for millions of people at the middle school, high school, college/university level and corporate clients in his career. His keynotes have been creating positive change for hundreds of thousands of people every year.

A 2009 winner of the Canadian “Leader of Distinction” Award, Ian served for 4 years on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Student Leadership Association, and was a co-founder of Youth Leadership Camps Canada. Ian’s book, “Hooray for Everything! The Optimist Manifesto” is a collection of motivational stories, tips, and rants. Whether he is presenting to a conference or school audience, conducting leadership or team building workshops; Ian will challenge any crowd to look at the world around them differently and make positive changes.

Ian's leadership website:

My experience in working with Alina and PAC over the last few years has been educational and eye opening. Learning the similarities and differences with student engagement, leadership and attitudes between Canada and the EU has changed the way I present. The global view and perspective has sparked my interest in doing more work overseas. It has been professionally and personally enriching to meet and work with these incredible students and learn their stories!

Bob Kline - PAC Leadership Advisor and Co-organizer of Canada Study Tour

Bob Kline is the leadership teacher and student activity director at Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  His program involves over 180 students who learn about leadership, plan events to improve student life at the school, and attend conferences to network with other student leaders across Canada and the world.  Bob's leadership students have been recognized as having the "most school spirit" in Ontario three years in a row!

Bob is also a motivational speaker.  He delivers keynote speeches and workshops about kindness and school spirit in high schools.  His inspirational TED Talk called "Kids These Days" best captures his belief that today's young people are truly supportive of each other. 

Bob coordinates host students and families for the Canada Study Tour.  His goal with the program is to develop cultural understanding between European and Canadian students and to promote thinking about leadership in today's global context. 

At the heart of everything he does, Bob believes that "it's possible to demand excellence and have fun at the same time!"

Bob's leadership website:

Bob's speaker website:

Bob's twitter & instagram:  @klinespeaks

Jolanta Bdzionek - PAC Parenting and Youth Development Expert

Jolanta Bdzionek is the primary school educator, speech therapist, and youth development expert who has been working with the youth for 14 years.

Her passion for rising kids with character makes her a parenting expert and an advisor for Polish Academy of Canada

A mom of 2 boys, she might inspire with easy tools to develop crucial life skills in children ages 9-22. These skills include respect, character, gratitude, kindness, openness, tolerance, positive attitude, authenticity, patience, hard work, respect for women and making a difference in today’s global world.

She tries to lead by example at her home as she knows that parents are the first innate leaders for their children.

She makes sure to get enough quality time together and focuses on “we” rather than “we” vs “they.”

She took part in the first edition of Canada Study Tour as a volunteer parent.

She is passionate about empowering students to learn and grow globally. She imparts the skills students need to be resilient when they fall flat and to get up and go for it all over again. She helps students to embrace the opportunities life offers for success.

She thinks that teachers are responsible for their students’ future and that their mission is to raise a generation of confident youth that will positively shape and change their world.

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