Poland – Canada Study Tour in April 2018!

About Canada Study Tour in April 2018

From April 6th – 22nd 2018 - 8 Polish students were chosen to take part in “Poland - Canada Study Tour 2018: Challenge the Way You Think and Become a Young Professional.” The study tour began at the Embassy of Canada to Poland in Warsaw where the students gave their short presentations about “What Canadian value does appeal to you the most and why?” After the meeting at the embassy, the students flew to Toronto and then to London, Ontario, Canada, and took part in Pre-summit meetings and evening activities and then, on Monday 9th April the Global Student Leadership Summit began.

Canada Study Tour April 2018 - Global Student Leadership Summit (Gallery - click me)

Other Activities of Canada Study Tour April 2018


Szymon Bogacki, 17 years old, Poland, Gliwice

Canada Study Tour was a brilliant experience for me! It was already during the pre-summit event at the Global Student Leadership Summit that I felt the spirit of Canada and incredible power! Now I want any Polish teenagers to be so open and positive! This experience started at GSLS, where I realized how important leadership  and self-development are. I was listening to life-changing speeches and then I was just dancing and having fun with others. I wish my education in Europe was similar to GSLS summit experience! What is more, the organization of the summit was really impressive, as well as the summit staff! Everything was well-planned and clear. I wish I could attend more summits like that!
After Conference we spend some time at YLCC Camp, where despite the bad weather conditions, we spent time very effectively. I took part in very interesting workshops and discussions.
For me the greatest Canadian experience was visiting  Huron Heights Secondary School. I realized about the differences between educational systems in Canada and Poland. The school impressed me so much, that I am jealous that I can’t study there!
Canada Study Tour is definitely a great opportunity to make friendships and contacts with future leaders who will influence your future career life!

Bartosz Bdzionek, 16 years old, First Bilingual High School in Gliwice, Poland

Canada Study Tour was a life-changing moment in my life. I have learnt lots of important things about leadership and about myself during the lectures and workshops. But what is the most important is that I have learnt lot about myself and the way others see me in the team. Thanks to study tour experience I have started to change my life.
Each day was well-organized and full of developing activities. Also all our supervisors really did take care of us and they were more than brilliant. They could teach and entertain us in many interesting ways, so no one was bored at all! The time was very INTENSE!
Thanks to the Global Student Leadership Summit I am now working to change myself, as well as I am trying to have a positive influence on my school and friends. I also met there hundreds of interesting people, who created lively atmosphere, starting from the pre-summit of the conference till the last lecture at the conference. The conference was well-organized and the schedule was clear. The summit stuff and animators were just brilliant. They could make everybody dance and laugh! I am truly impressed! I wish I could take part in next conference with my friends, because it is a great opportunity to develop and network with ambitious people in Canada!
I wish more people could take part in this kind of tour, because it is a great opportunity to develop, change and network with ambitious people!

Daria Bal, 18 years old, 1st High School in Tarnowskie Gory

In April 2018 I I took part in the international project organized by Polish Academy of Canada and YLCC, under the patronage of Canadian Embassy in Poland. Apart from the breath-taking views of Niagara Falls, experiencing the big city life in Toronto, as well as experiencing the unexpected winter in Canada at that time – which taught us all great adaptability skills, I first and foremost, would like to encourage anybody to take part in the study tour, as that journey has really changed my life!
Firstly, we took part in the amazing conference organized by YLCC. The conference started with a visit to Huron University where we were introduced to Canadian university educational system. In Poland education is focused on memorizing information and science, but in Canada the emphasis is on leadership, helping each other, and becoming a real leader in a society.  On Sunday we had fun at the pre- summit of the GSLS. There I felt the real spirit of leadership and unity. During conference we were listening to more than  60 speakers, to whom we could come to, talk to and, who motivated us to work hard on ourselves and not to give up if something goes wrong in our life. That thing I have also learnt during the post conference camp. That was a very important moment for me, because I was overwhelmed with my fear of making mistakes in English and  it helped me to open myself a lot! I met there Lizzy Arnold and Ian Tyson – truly amazing Canadians, who helped me to understand myself and be the fully version of myself!
My second great experience was the student exchange with Huron Heights Secondary School. I was hosted by Athalie and with her I was going to high school and as regular student  I took part in lessons. That was really a great time and I am very happy that I had opportunity to know so many new people! In general, the leadership school experience was amazing and has taught me to be more open, brave and a helpful person who also should be able to take some risk in life.

These short bios are fragments of their application papers and 🇨🇦 were written by the students 😎

whose friends call him Simon. He is deeply involved in preparing a great future for himself. He does not forget about his hobbies and interests. He studies English and Norwegian.
He is the member of drama club and he is keen on sharing his emotions with others.
He makes new friendships very fast and he is not afraid of public displays! He loves smiling!!!!! He likes working in a team and being responsible. He tries to help others. He loves listening to music, playing the guitar and singing!

who is a student of I High School in Gliwice and loves science as well as improving his language skills.
Currently he is learning English on advanced level, as well as Spanish, but in future he wants to learn Russian. His main aspiration is to travel all over the world and to be an inventive engineer who helps people and makes a global career!
He is highly motivated, cold-headed individualist who likes making his decisions. In a team he might be a valuable member who brings in positive atmosphere and gives power to people. He keeps on trying to do his best to achieve his goals - even the most risky ones.

who describes herself as an ‘average’ Polish girl but has many interests. She loves analyzing and discovering the world and people around her. She is interested in history and art. In the future she would like to make the world a better place to live in! she is very good at solving problems and she can always find a way out of a difficult situation. She is good at teamwork and good communication! She is extremely creative!

who likes tinkering and electronics. Almost all of his free time he spends at his home workshop and does things connected with Arduino ( open-source electronics platform) like RC toys or RGB led lighting. He is also a motor biker and he likes spending time riding his bike or working on its speed! Sometimes he makes short videos just for fun.
In the future he wants to be CNC operator or an electrical engineer. He loves developing his practical skills and getting excellent at soldering, video editing and PC assembly. Privately he is self motivated and tries to do his best.

who is an open-minded high school idealist who is not afraid of expressing her own opinion. She has experience in group working which she finds crucial in communication between people. She likes improving her skills, especially, when she can challenge herself. She also believes that hard work brings profit and is future-proof. She always focuses on doing things that she loves and makes her life enjoyable.
She is ambitious and driven by things that she cherishes. She is well organized and likes spending her free time efficiently. She does love expressing her feelings through dancing. For her dreams are motivating to keep up with hard work so that she can succeed in the future. She believes that If one cares about something very deeply he or she puts his whole heart into it.

who goes to bilingual class with a specialization in mathematics and physics in order to work as an engineer. Not only is she interested in technical subjects but also in sociology which determines her desire to learn foreign languages as Spanish or French. One of her priorities is an active participation in society for people and animals as well as improving the language skills. She loves travelling!
She is an empathetic person who can manage a group of people and convince or sensitize people on a given topic. As an open-minded person, she listens to the opinions of others and subject everything to a reasonable selection. She is currently fluent in 3 languages which is:
Polish- my native language, German and English!

who is a student of the second high-school in Gliwice and he desires to be excellent at school and graduate from his High School with very good grades. In future he wants to study mathematics and maybe physics. His biggest dream is to study abroad and make an international career.
He tends to be shy but he is also ambitious and very passionate about football! He is emotional and highly motivated as he wants to reach his life goals. He likes working in a team with clever and sharp minds and likes spending time with warm-hearted people and positive thinkers.

who goes to high school with mathematics and physics specialization, but she sees her future in completely different colours. She has always wanted to be an actress. For her success in life does not mean to be rich or popular, the real success is when we do not regret the things we did not do at the end of our life. She loves travelling and getting to know new people and new cultures.
She is very open-minded, a positive thinker, communicative and a highly motivated person. Though she is very young, she is trying to do her best to become very professional and a true leader!

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