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Canada Study Tour and Advanced Leadership Program (4th edition)
20th May – 5th June 2022

‘It’s been some time since we landed in Poland, and I had quite some time to think about everything that has happened. I noticed that the CST experience influenced me positively in a HUGE way, the way I think the way I talk and the way I present myself out to the world. I would like to thank you so so so much for giving me this opportunity and life lesson. I will for sure be looking fondly at all of the trip, and with a smile on my face. Again, thank you so much!’

This is the way Melania Ziabska, one of Canada Study Tour students in May 2022, describes her participation in the program.These words can be used to summarize Canada Study Tour in May in 2022, although it does not reflect even the tenth of my emotions and the impression that Canada Study Tour had made on the students.

CST in May was a very special edition as we were travelling to Canada with a Ukrainian Student, whose name was Margherita Salii. Margharita was fully sponsored by Ukrainian Community in Canada. We would like to thank Helen Bajorek MacDonald and Jean Michael Komarnicki for their great and successful help to organize the help for Margo to travel with us to Canada.  Our first encounter with leadership started at Ontario Art Gallery where the students had the opportunity to meet Natalka Husar, a prestigious Ukrainian Canadian artist and writer, as well as Helen Bajorek MacDonald and Jean Komarnicki, who are leaders in Canadian and Ukrainian Canadian community. They devoted the two most important things to us: time and attention. Then the students took part in YLCC Leadership Camp, where they learnt to cooperate as the PAC team, were canoeing with some other Canadian students, met lots of great young leaders from Canada, especially from Nunavut. Two days later they attended the Spark Leadership Conference which was organized in Canada Wonderland. In the evening the students went to Niagara Falls and met there with Ian Tyson and learnt how to lead in their lives, especially in such challenging times as we have now. From Niagara Falls the students drove back to Toronto and met with the professor from Durham College – Jesse Parson.

Next day they flew to Vancouver in British Columbia.  On Vancouver Island the students visited Campbell River where they went on a gorgeous boat tour to see the wildlife of British Columbia. On Vancouver Island the students also enjoyed the hospitality of Melissa Hoffort and Sheldon Saywell – Canadian family with whom they took part in lots of Canadian fun activities. Some days later they took part in the Leadership Conference at University of Victoria organized by Carla Cuglietta and Young Leaders, who shared with the students what steps they must take to achieve their vision: a concept that now marks their path together with the mission. These are not the easiest things to understand, let alone design for oneself, because they are associated with great emotions. Carla Cuglietta provided a safe and warm atmosphere, and the additional dose of motivation and knowledge was provided by the Dean of Social Sciences at UVic, Dr Lois Harder, who explored the concept of leadership and leading with empathy. In addition, Dr Curtis Clarke has brought a lot of peace to us by telling they about lifelong learning. It made them understand that they don't have to do everything NOW: there are still many possibilities and paths ahead of them. On Vancouver Island, they also admired the breathtaking nature of British Columbia, visited one of the oldest forests in the world, Sombrio Beach with the outstanding Ken Wu from Ecco Alliance Organization. Most importantly, however, the spirit of leadership was present at every moment of the tour.