A Summer To Shape Your Future



Get ready for an unforgettable 3-week summer experience at our Canadian High School in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island (Dover Bay Secondary School) and then join a leadership university summer course held at the prestigious University of Victoria and stay on their vibrant university campus.

Open to students aged 14 to 18, this is your chance to immerse yourself in life at the Canadian High School, as well as one of the best public universities in the world, located on the stunning Vancouver Island in Canada.

Join our community of students from across the globe for a summer of adventure, learning, and fun. You will also be able to explore nature on Vancouver Island and participate in exciting extracurricular activities such as canoeing, paddleboarding, swimming or skating. You will sightsee the island (e.g. Cathedral Grove), learn more about the Indigenous cultures on Vancouver Island, and go to the beautiful New Castle Island Tour, as well as on many other tours.

During your High School Experience, you will take part in Kindness & Empathy Course led by our distinguished Canada Study Tour mentor and certified professional coach Melissa Hoffort, during which you will learn how to delve deeper into your inner self and foster lasting change. 

After the 3-week high school experience we will take you to join the distinguished scholars and leadership teachers at university. You will attend their university leadership summer program at campus. You will learn about different types of leadership, write a vision for yourself, take part in self-awareness and emotional intelligence course, and learn how to navigate ethe future and challenges that lie ahead today.

You will have the unique experience to be BOTH AT A CANADIAN HIGH SCHOOL AND AT A UNIVERSITY IN CANADA.  What is more it will be lots of FUN as Vancouver Island is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

Our Canada Summer School really has it all!


Where will I stay?

You will live with a Candian family for 3 weeks and learn at a Candian High School on Vancouer Island and then you will live for some days on a campus at one of Canada’s best universities and also study there leadership. 


Computer Course

This course is a preparatory course in Information and Com- munication Technology. The course will cover Basic Computer programming, Digital Imagery and Media Development, Applied Digital Communications, or Web Page Publishing. While most students can do Facebook and get cheat codes, this course will empower students to outperform their peers in digital presentations and communication. Students may also learn the hardware of computers, digital imagery techniques to craft unique graphics. A final project may be developed using multimedia software that will combine text, graphics, and sound in an easy to use mouse-driven format.

Theatre and Drama

This course marks the transition between Drama and Acting. Beginning with creative drama, the course explores movement and mime, and then works toward performance of story theatre for elementary audiences. Students should be aware that some written work is required.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is designed to enable students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the different types of outdoor physical activities. Students will explore how participation in various types of outdoor activities can influence the health and well-being of individuals and the environment. Examples activities could be: local seashore hikes, Lantzville and Lynn Valley hikes, canoeing on Brannen Lake, rock climbing Romper Room, orienteering, and geocaching. Outdoor sports activities could be: Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Disk Golf and Flag Football. The course will combine outside time with classroom instruction. There will be instruction in First Aid (certification), Water Safety, and Hiking Preparation. Students considering a Career and/or educational path related to recreation, environmental conservation or other related area would benefit from this curriculum ( Game Warden, Recreation Programmer, Field Biologist) Also, students just wanting to learn more about participating in outdoor activities will find this course enjoyable.

Kindness & Empathy Course

Join us for a heartwarming adventure as we dive into the essence of kindness. Let’s explore what it means to us, the impact it can have on our world where it comes from, and ways we can nurture it in our daily lives. Empathy is connecting with people so weak now we are not alone when we are in struggle. Empathy is a way to connect to the emotion another person is experiencing; it doesn’t require that we have experienced the same situation they are going through.

Leadership & Setting Vision

Discover the different types of leadership; personal leadership, leading from the front, leading through partnering, and leading from behind. Dr. Harder will share her insights on when to use which type.

Visions are powerful, they can act as a GSP for your life. Learn how to write a vision for yourself and break it into smaller goals that are achievable. Learn about SMART Goals, how to set them and why they work. Values are what help us to set our priorities. Students will work through different activities that will help them decide what is most important in your life and why. We all have strengths, things that we are good at. Learn how to identify them to and use them to help you in your own life and for the good of your community. There will surely be things in your life that will feel like barriers to success. YLW helps students focus on mental health and how to recognize and overcome challenges. Students will leave this session knowing that overcoming barriers is a natural part of life and leadership.

Navigating the Future

Students will learn how to prepare themselves with the challenge that will unfold in the coming decades in the world of work. Students will learn about aligning their skills to a work that brings value to others, how to take responsibility for finding engaging and fulfilling work, how to prepare for lifelong learning in order to stay relevant, and lastly, how to be honest and proactive about their health. By focusing on skill development, nurturing human connections, embracing lifelong learning, and prioritizing holistic health, individuals can prepare for the evolving work landscape. Armed with these strategies, young people can start to feel excitement instead of anxiety as they face of the unpredictable future of work.

Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence course

The Enneagram is a personality tool that can help young people better understand themselves and others. By identifying their unique personality type, young people can gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of behavior. This self-awareness can help them make better decisions, communicate effectively, and navigate relationships more successfully. Additionally, the Enneagram can help young people develop empathy and compassion for others, and appreciate the diversity of personalities around them. Take what you learned from the Enneagram and connect it to learning new behaviours. Work with the instructors to understand emotional intelligence and how to make changes that will help you to develop your areas for growth and use your strengths.This session will also look at bias, unconscious bias and challenging our assumptions.

Dover Bay High School

Students at Dover Bay Secondary school are encouraged to pursue excellence in both their academic and personal life. The school understands each student learns in different ways and have developed a variety of course options to meet those needs. Students at Dover Bay are challenged to think critically and independently. The school also emphasizes the importance of physical health and well being, not only for the individual but for the community as a whole. Dover Bay Secondary School has created a school culture where students have a great opportunity to succeed.

The staff is dedicated to providing the best quality of education and care available to International Students. They strive to ensure that students’ experiences with our program is positive from before they even arrive in Canada. They are committed to comprehensive student support, quality homestay placements and ethical business practices. Their goal is student success.

University of Victoria & Campus

The University of Victoria is one of Canada’s leading research intensive universities. We are located in Victoria, on the BC coast. At UVIC we combine three elements: dynamic learning, vital impact and our extraordinary academic environment.  This fortifies our work in sustainability and healthy societies. It shapes our world view with diverse perspectives, including those from Indigenous and International communities.

Student Housing

Living on-campus at UVic will be an important and exciting part of your university experience. UVic residences are more than just a place to live—we offer a supportive community where you can thrive. The UVic Global Community initiative creates space for international and domestic students, staff and faculty to share perspectives and celebrate diversity. We aim to foster intercultural connections and cultivate an inclusive and globally-minded campus.

Exciting Activities & Trips

  • Victoria tour : Legislature Tour, Craig Derrick Castle, Malahat Sky Walk
  • Canoeing 
  • Paddleboarding 
  • Forest Discovery Centre
  • Coombs, Cathedral Grove, McLean Mill/Steam
  • North Island Recovery Centre
  • Swimming/Skating
  • Saysutshen – New Castle Island Tour 
  • Wild Play


What's Included (Ages 14-17)

        • 3-week Canadian High School Expereince with all teaching, and skills development workshops.
        • 3 week Homestay in Canada inlcluding food (Canadian High school Experience)*
        • Campus University Accomodation at University of Victoria
        • Leadership and Kindness Course
        • Summer Leadership Course at University of Victoria
        • All programmed visits and excursions on Vancouver Island during High School Experience
        • Transport on the Island
        • Canadian international medical insurance
        • Schools Tuition fees

What is NOT inlcuded:

*Flight Ticket to Canada

*Food during the stay at university campus (3 or 4 days)


Dream Destination

Home to British Columbia’s historic capital, ancient rainforests, and carefree surf towns, this sprawling island is dotted with eclectic communities begging to be explored.

Over 25 thousand kilometres of Pacific coastline, from sandy beaches to dramatic cliffs, shapes British Columbia’s geography and way of life.  A rich ecosystem of fish and plant life, the Pacific Ocean is a source of sustenance and spirit for British Columbia. Explore BC’s Pacific Ocean and coast in the stories below.

The Island stretches for 460 kilometres, from the ornate colonial capital of Victoria in the south to Cape Scott’s windswept beaches and rocky headlands at its northern tip. Along with the Gulf Islands, this rugged paradise combines old-growth forests, snowcapped mountains, and untamed shorelines to create one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems. Experience world-class whale watching, birding, and fishing, or just let your worries drift away in the waves of the Pacific. Ladysmith are beautiful seasim

Nanaimo is a beautiful city located on Vancouver Island. Boasting one of the longest shorelines in Canada, Nanaimo has unlimited access to outdoor recreation. As the second largest city on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo offers the unique combination of natural beauty and urban excitement. Downtown Nanaimo features a variety of restaurants, music venues, galleries and other entertaining amenities. Nanaimo also features the Woodgrove Centre, the largest shopping complex on Vancouver Island. Nanaimo allows residents to enjoy the both outdoor fun and downtown thrills.


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