Canada is a total "Netflix experience"!

Are you dreaming about going by yellow bus to school, sitting in the classroom, putting your books into the unique American school lockers, or even playing American football or hockey with other high school students?Meanwhile you are learning to BE KIND and getting so much energy that at the end of the trip you don’t know what to do with the positive energy, as you are just TOTALLY HAPPY in life!

What is more, you are enjoying the beauty of British Columbia, spending lots of time on its beaches, surfing, spending lots of time on a boat in the Pacific ocean where you can see whale killers, eagles and other ocean animals!

Several times we have heard from Canada Study Tour student that the trips to Canada are so awesome that they feel like living their North American dream. Canada is a total ‘Netflix experience’! – they are saying to us!

And the school year in Canada is much more than you initially may think. This is your chance to experience everyday life the North American way – CANADIAN WAY! When you are an exchange student in Canada, your school will play a major role in your new life. This is where you will have your school activities, it will also be a place for extracurricular activities and spending time with your new Canadian friends. Whether you like American football, hockey, dance, cooking drama, music or art, there is sure to be a team or club for you. Teachers and students are proud of their schools and you will soon understand why. School spirit is contagious! School year in Canada will teach you more than you could ever imagine.


Canada is contagious!

Now with Polish Academy of Canada you can apply with us to spend 4 months, one term or even 1 year in Canada, or you can even stay to graduate!


High School Experience on Vancouver Island

Our friendly and safe communities of Nanaimo and Ladysmith are located on the beautiful coastline of Vancouver Island. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of education and care available to International Students. We are committed to comprehensive student support, quality homestay placements and ethical business practices. Our goal is student success.

Explore what makes the Nanaimo Ladysmith International Program SO SPEACIAL…

Program Lengths:

Academic Year

The Academic Year in British Columbia is 10 months (September to June). International Students are fully integrated into Canadian classrooms and complete a full academic program at their grade level with courses to improve their English language abilities. Over 10 months, students gain a full experience of Canadian culture, Vancouver Island lifestyle, and are provided continual social, emotional, and academic support.

Academic Semester

An Academic Semester in British Columbia is 5 months.

Semester 1: September to January

Semester 2: February to June

International Students are fully integrated into Canadian classrooms and complete a full academic program at their grade level with courses to improve their English language abilities. Over 5 months, students gain a full experience of Canadian culture, Vancouver Island lifestyle, and are provided continual social, emotional, and academic support.

Multiple Years

Students are welcome for long term educational programs. Students are able to study for several years in Nanaimo and Ladysmith, building strong school and community connections. With graduation credits, secondary school students are able to graduate with the internationally recognized B.C. graduation certificate (Dogwood Diploma).

Short Term

Periodically we accommodate short term programs ranging from 1 week to 4 months.

Summer Program

We are expanding ELL program offerings in the summer month of July. This summer program focuses on English language development in real world settings with fun and supportive activities and excursions.

Academic Program:

International students are fully integrated into Canadian classrooms, learning and studying with Canadian students at their grade level. Students are enrolled in academic and elective courses to give them a balanced and full experience of education in Canada. These courses may apply towards graduation in Canada or their home country. International students receive English or ELL classes to improve their English language fluency. We also have dedicated International Student Advisors and ELL teachers at each school that work closely with students to support them with their development and school experience. We do our best to meet course requests for each student. During their stay in Canada we also encourage students to try out for sports teams and join extra curricular activities. For more information of courses, sports, and clubs offered at each school please explore the schools below.

School and Course Offerrings:

Dover Bay Secondary School
  • Population of 1400 students
  • Enjoys a proud tradition of academic and athletic success
  • Has an outstanding Performing Arts Academy and well equipped shops to explore woodwork, metalwork, mechanics, robotics, culinary arts and textiles
  • Is well known for environmental initiatives and excellence in mathematics and computer technology.
  • School website for more details:
Nanaimo District Secondary School
  • Population of 1700 students
  • A vibrant student group that embraces diversity and ensures everyone feels welcome
  • Draws students from across the district to its Sports Academies
  • Easy access to premier athletic facilities including an all season track, turf fields, Olympic sized swimming pool, and skating arenas
  • Has well established Outdoor Education – West Coast Wilderness Studies program, career trades, wide range of performing arts electives and sports team opportunities. 
  • School website for more details:
John Barsby Secondary School
  • Population of 700 students
  • Known for engaging learners with experiential courses like leadership, athletic training, chef-training, digital photography, trades and robotics. 
  • Athletic excellence in American football, rugby, boys’ basketball and girls’ volleyball
  • Bulldog Theatre, fine arts and photography programs give students an opportunity to showcase their talents. 
  • School website for more details:
Wellington Secondary School
  • Population of 1000 students
  • Students choose Wellington for its nationally acclaimed Jazz Academy, Musical Theatre department, language learning opportunities, enriched fine arts experiences, technology programs with a focus on 3D animation and printing, outdoor education, and its variety of athletics, clubs and activities.
  • Wellington is a newly updated building with a unique West Coast design interior and an abundance of natural light
  • School website for more details:
Ladysmith Secondary School
  • Population of 650 students
  • Located in the picturesque hillside town of Ladysmith that is known for its warmth and charm
  • Known for its dynamic extracurricular programs, strong athletic traditions, a vibrant Improv club and a celebrated Musical Theatre program.
  • Proud to offer opportunities to learn about local Indigenous culture and connect with Vancouver Island, including Outdoor Education – West Coast Wilderness Studies and Land and Language courses:
  • School website for more details:
Cedar Secondary School
  • Population of 275 students
  • A hidden gem tucked away in rural Cedar
  • Offers a unique learning experience that suits students who enjoy small classes, independent personalized learning and an educational setting where everyone knows your name
  • Students develop strong critical, creative and collaborative thinking skills that prepares them well for a future of further learning.
  • School website for more details:

Student Application Process:

  1. If you would like to study in Nanaimo Ladysmith please send us an email
    to and we will explore opportunities with you.
  2. For your application you will require: 
    • An official copy of your school report cards for the past two years, in your own language
    • A copy of your report cards translated into English
    • A passport-sized photograph
    • Proof of age (e.g. a copy of your passport)
    • Application Processing Fee